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A good reminder of worth, value and service ...

A lady wanted to purchase a beautiful handmade cake and spotted a cake maker who did absolutely amazing work, but she charged a good price too.

The lady thought that her price was way too high so she approached the cake maker and in quite an abrupt fashion stated "I want to buy a cake from you, but I think you charge too much!"

The Cake Maker was a little taken aback but replied "Ok, how much do you think I should charge?"

The lady replied, “I think you should charge “X” much, because the flour will cost this much, and eggs this much, and fondant this much etc. I have even factored in the price of a pan."

The final price the lady had calculated was a lot cheaper than the cake maker’s original price, but she said "Ok, deal. You will get your cake in a week".

The customer is very pleased with herself and she can’t resist telling all her friends what a fabulous deal she has negotiated and how smart she is, and that in a week she will have her gorgeous cake.

A week later a box with her cake arrives. She opens it and inside is flour, eggs, fondant etc. and even a pan.

Angrily she contacts the Cake Maker asking “How could you do this to me? I asked you for a cake and you sent me a box of flour, egg, fondant and a pan?!"

The cake maker quietly replies "My dear, you got exactly what you paid for, if you think that there is something missing, then you are absolutely right and you need to pay for it.

Moral of the story, when you buy a product or service, you are not buying just the materials and goods; you are buying the time, effort, skill, training, taxes, and daily costs of running a business.  But more importantly, the love, passion and dedication that goes into providing a professional service.

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When most begin working, age 65 is seen often as the finish line - but more and more people are beginning to work well past that number in the hopes of maintaining the lifestyle and standard of living they’re used to.

Having the potential of creating ongoing income by continuing to do something you already are doing is exciting. The concept of earning money from multiple industries is a concept for the very wealthy, but with the evolution of the UnFranchise Business model anyone has the potential of using this principle with very little risk.

Starting a traditional business will normally put a lot of your money at risk and you will spend a lot of time trying to recoup your investment. Unlike a traditional business, with the UnFranchise Business you now have control of your income and time spent working your business. All this is possible without large amounts of money tied up in inventory or dealing with employees.

1.66 billion people worldwide purchase goods online

That is a large number of people trusting online websites to make their everyday purchases

The world of digital marketing has blown up

Having a digital presence is more relevant and important now than it’s ever been

SHOP.COM Leaps Rankings in the World’s Largest Web Marketplace

We continue to be recognized for e-commerce greatness
One year ago, Internet Retailer released its very first Internet Retailer World’s Largest Online Marketplaces Rankings - and at that time, it placed SHOP.COM as the 43rd largest web marketplace for 2017. On that list, the company bested well-known retailers such as Groupon, and And now, after another year of phenomenal growth, SHOP.COM has jumped an impressive seven places to achieve the 36th spot on Internet Retailer’s 2019 list.

“It’s an honor to be on this list again, but this time even higher in the rankings. I’m so proud that our successes in e-commerce are proving that we’re an online shopping powerhouse!” said Chairman and CEO. “But for those of us who understand the power of the UnFranchise Business and the Shopping Annuity, this comes as no surprise. It’s an idea whose time has come, and the world is continuing to wake up to it!”

But of course, these rankings aren’t the first time Internet Retailer has lauded SHOP.COM’s prowess in the world of online shopping. It ranked SHOP.COM 65th in its 2018 Internet Retailer Top 1000, and the organization placed it at 96th in the Internet Retailer Asia 500 and as the 18th fastest-growing Internet Mobile Retailer.

Among its other honors and recognitions, we are a two-time winner of the Better Business Bureau’s Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics, was ranked 8th in the 2018 Grant Thornton North Carolina Top 100 (NC100) and received 2018’s Triad Business Journal’s “Fast 50” award as one of the top privately held companies for sustained growth, driving the area’s economy. SHOP.COM continues to succeed and be regularly recognized by the top e-commerce experts as providing one of the best online shopping experiences in the world!

SHOP.COM Ranks 65th in Internet Retailer Top 500 earning high e-commerce ranking

Driven by its continued strong growth, SHOP.COM ranks 65th in the new Internet Retailer 2018 Top 500 list of online retailers. SHOP.COM ranks 11th in its specific Internet Retailer category of mass merchants.

We are very proud of our high ranking on the 2018 Internet Retailer Top 500, and of the UnFranchise Owners, customers and corporate staff whose hard work and determination made this happen. Our business model of entrepreneurship is driven by sales of our industry-leading MC products and by the millions of Partner Store products available to consumers on SHOP.COM. Being ranked 65th of 500 shows that SHOP.COM continues to shine as a leading force in e-commerce.
Internet Retailer compiles the most complete ranking of the Top 500 retailers selling in North America, ranked by web sales. It spent the past year analyzing industry trends and studying website traffic data to identify all the significant e-commerce retail websites.

SHOP.COM’s high ranking on the Top 500 means it is one of the leaders that drove more than 95% of the $450 billion in online retails sales for 2017.


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