All Natural, Plant Enzyme Based * Environmentally Friendly

No Synthetics, Aluminum, Silicones, Parabens, Sulfates, Binders, Fillers or Coatings



Smooth on Lumiere de Vie Sculpting Creme and smooth out the appearance of dimpled skin. This luxurious body creme uses Lipout technology to help reduce the appearance of unwanted dimpling on thighs, tummy, arms and booty.


Hydrate skin while balancing shine, Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, Brightens the skin for a more radiant complexion, Provides a supple look and feel for refined-looking skin

Rose Refresher

Refresh & Rejuvenate your skin with just one spritz of Rose Refresher. This versatile mist is an instant pick-me-up for your skin that can be used before or after applying makeup to hydrate and refresh your skin!

Renewal Elixir

Renew with Renewal Elixir which is a luxurious, nutrient-rich, superior facial oil. Massage into your skin as the last step of your skin care routine to seal in hydration, even skin tone and defy time with this powerful treatment!


Lumiere de Vie Retinol Creme (Code: C12227)

Experience the revitalizing benefits of retinol with Lumiere de Vie Retinol Creme. Its powerful ingredients target fine lines and wrinkles, improve elasticity and brighten skin for a healthy-looking, glowing complexion.


Ascorbic acid is one of the most abundant antioxidants found in human skin, where it plays an important role in protecting the skin from oxidative free radicals and supporting healthy skin proteins like collagen and elastin. Topical application of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, help the skin feel firmer and more supple, and provide a smoother, more even, and brighter-looking complexion.

Lumiere de Vie Brightening C-Serum

Delivers a healthy dose of Vitamin C to the skin to help brighten and give a youthful-looking complexion. This formula’s strong antioxidant properties help to fight the signs of aging and oxidative stress, while helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots.

- Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
- Reduce the appearance of dark spots.
- Brightens the skin for a healthier looking complexion.

- Improves skin elasticity and suppleness.

Love it!!!
"Within the first few days I saw a change in my face, after a week, with no makeup and I am getting compliments ... My friend asked me if I was with makeup when I wasn't even wearing any. Love it, my new obsession. Oh and my face feels like velvet."
Sigalit B.


Eye Balm

"I've tried a lot of different eye creams with less than impressive results. I bought the Lumiere de Vie Eye Balm because a friend of mine with gorgeous skin uses it. I really like it! It plumps your skin and reduces puffiness. You only need a little so it lasts a long time. I'm very happy with this one and hope they keep making it"
Susanne Z.


Cellular Laboratories De-Aging Cream - Single Jar (60 g)


Cellular Laboratories De-Aging Body Balm


Pentaxyl - Single Tube (4 fl oz/120ml)


VitaShield OPC-3 Triple Serum - 4 Bottles (7 ml)


Timeless Prescription Facial Exfoliating Cleanser with Enzymes - Single Bottle (198 ml)


skintelligence PH Skin Normalizer Spray




Lumiere de Vie Moisture
Intense Facial Masque (2 Packets)

Utilizing the hydrating effects of aloe and hyaluronic acid, this specialized sheet masque instantly revitalizes dry, aged skin. Relieve oxidative stress from everyday elements for smoother, softer-looking skin.

My Favorite
"A real spa experience, my skin feels hydrated and pampered, best at home spa experience ever."
Vena P.


Lumiere de Vie Lumi-Stick
Get the irresistible luminosity of a beach-kissed glow with the Lumiere de Vie Lumi-Stick. Packed with skin-nourishing ingredients, these all-over sticks condition and hydrate while adding gorgeous, subtle colour to your skin.


Lumiere de Vie Renewal Hand & Body Creme


Lumiere de Vie After Sun Glow & Renew
Let your radiance glow for a hint of summer all year long. This soothing potion melts into skin to help protect, firm and refresh. Other skin-loving ingredients help smooth skin while extending and improving your tan.


Lumiere de Vie Renewal Gelee


Lumiere de Vie Hommes Featured in Times Square, New York, New York

Following the official launch for Lumiere de Vie Hommes, the brand is being prominently featured on a 23-story, 7,300-square-foot digital sign in Times Square at 43rd Street and 7th Avenue

With over 415,000 people walking and driving and over 170,000 employees working in Times Square daily, this is monumental exposure for this high quality brand!



Lumiere de Vie Hommes Skincare Value Kit

Lumiere de Vie Hommes Cleansing Gel

Lumiere de Vie Hommes Hydrating Aloe Cream

Lumiere de Vie Hommes Conditioning Beard Elixir


Lumiere de Vie Hommes Restoring Serum (50ml/1.7oz.) Code: C16103))

A versatile formula that helps restore moisture and balance your complexion for a healthier skin tone. This lightweight serum penetrates deep, promoting elasticity and creating a smoother and more even appearance. Shield your skin from the effects of aging with Lumiere de Vie Hommes Restoring Serum.

Hydrate and Balance Skin, Supports skin elasticity, providing a more supple look to the skin, Brightens the skin for a more even-looking complexion, Contains soothing properties for sensitive skin

"My dad is very happy and uses this serum everyday. His skin elasticity has improved and his skin looks more healthy. This is very good product as he has sensitive skin too."
William C.


Cleansing Gel

"I used to use our body wash for my face too. My wife got the Lumiere de vie HOMMES line for me for Father's Day. The face wash works great, leaving my face ready to shave. It smells fresh, not heavy."
Rick S.


Hydrating Aloe Cream

"I've never had a good experience with a moisturizer because they always felt too heavy and left my face feeling oily. I have very sensitive, acne prone skin, so I am always hesitant to try anything on my face, especially after I shave. Not only is this very light, my skin feels best after I shave when I use it. To top it off, it smells great!"
Jason P.


Firming Eye Serum


For an essential skincare step you never want to miss, Lumiere de Vie Hommes Refreshing Toner Pads give you an easy, fool-proof way to tone skin in seconds. With just a light sweep across the face, you will be on the way to a healthier-looking complexion.