National Coffee Day - September 29th

National Espresso Day - November 23rd




5 Ways to Make Your Coffee Healthier!

Maybe a hearty breakfast is your perfect way to start the day, but some of us still just can’t get through the morning without an extra push to find our inner morning person. Studies have shown that drinking coffee has health benefits that go beyond helping us become real humans, but why not sneak a few extra nutrients in there? Check out some of our quick tips:


1. Add Cinnamon

Pumpkin Spice season or not, we’re never against adding a little seasonal flair to your to your morning! Adding cinnamon to your coffee is a great, sugar-free way to add flavor to your morning brew, but we were especially on board when we found out that it could also support heart health while helping to balance blood sugar levels!

Adding a pinch of cinnamon can boost antioxidants and might even help you kick that awful cream and sugar habit because, really, who needs the calories?


2. Spice It Up (No, Really!)

And we aren’t talking temperature here. If you want to spice up your morning routine with a little health kick, try adding a dash of cayenne in the grounds of your coffee or the brewed coffee itself! Not only is this a great way to really wake up your taste buds, but it also gives you a nutrient boost!

Cayenne has been used to manage stomach problems and circulatory issues for thousands of years in traditional Native American medical practices, and studies have shown that it may reduce headaches, promote healthy digestion, and even help with a healthy heart!


3. Make Your Own Creamer

Making creamer at home isn’t the fastest process, but you sure won’t miss those preservatives and chemicals! While most creamers pack int he hydrogenated oils and loads of sugar, you can create a creamer of your very own that tastes just how you like it. If you’re going to go all in, you can blend up some cashews and follow this recipe for a healthy, homemade version. But, you can always skip that step and opt for almond milk with your own blend of spices and sweetener as well. The options are endless!


4. Make It a Meal

When the morning rush has you stuck without time for food, those break room donuts become dangerously tempting. But, there’s a way to grab breakfast and coffee on your way out the door! Next time you’re in a rush, brew some coffee-infused oats in your thermos for breakfast on-the-fly! Without the added sugars of packaged oatmeal, this option comes packed with fiber and minerals like magnesium, zinc, manganese, selenium, and iron! Plus, you can always toss in a scoop of Complete Greens, or a scoop of your TLS Shake for some added fiber and protein!


5. Go Crazy for Coconut

Try swapping out those fake vanilla creamers and syrups for a fresh tropical taste with a tablespoon of coconut oil! While we know coconut oil doesn’t solve all of the world’s problems like we once thought possible, adding it to your coffee may help you lose weight, reduce the jitters that come with coffee, and help stave off those hunger pangs! It’s also a great alternative to Bulletproof Coffee for those who might not be able to have butter!


Give your morning boost a morning boost!


Resetting Caffitaly Unit

1.) With the Unit's Power ON, Fully Raise the Lever then Switch the Unit's Power OFF

2.) Press and Hold the Short Espresso function Button while Switching the Unit's Power ON and Fully Lower and Raise the Lever, then release the Button (the Unit emits successive, rapid Beeps to confirm that the process has been performed correctly)

3.) Fully Lower the Lever (the Red Indicator Light and all Function Lights will Blink in succession) then Select the Long Espresso function Button to Prime the Unit

Unit is ready for use when Priming is Complete and the Brew Indicator Lights stop Blinking (the Red Indicator Light goes OFF)



Adjusting Temperature on a Caffitaly Unit

1.) With the Unit's Power OFF, Fully Raise the Lever

2.) Press and Hold Both the Short Espresso function Button & The Drip-Brew/Filter Coffee Button simultaneously while Switching the Unit's Power ON, then release the Buttons

3.) Press the Long Espresso function Button once to Increase 1 Degree Celcius, Press the Long Espresso function Button again to Increase 2 Degree Celcius, Press the Long Espresso function Button again to Increase 3 Degree Celcius, Press the Long Espresso function Button again to Return to the Basic Temperature Setting

4.) When the Satisfactory Setting has been Selected Turn the Unit's Power OFF and Fully Lower the Lever

Unit is ready for use